AA Rice Processing Mills purchases a large amount of paddy from the open market under the strict quality policy .Selection of paddy is a process where a rice mill needs to devote most of its energies, expertise and time. Thus a lot is purchased only when it meets the stringent quality requirements of the company.


The selected basmati paddy is processed slowly to reduce its moisture on the thermal dryers to achieve the optimum moisture content for Husking Drying on the dryers helps to avoid cracks in the rice grain which results in the lesser broken percentage at the later stages of rice processing.


One of the main peculiarities of rice is enhancement in its taste and aroma when it is seasoned for eight to nine months. AA Rice Processing Mills has made it part of its policy to sale only seasoned rice for consumption by its customers. These stocks are kept in most hygienic conditions remaining under observation of AA Rice Processing Mills own staff.

During the period stocks remain in warehouses, these are subjected to regular inspection and fumigation from time-to-time against infestations by organisms. Because of the fact that A A Rice Processing Mills purchases large quantities of paddy at the beginning of season and a long maturing period of rice, inventory carrying cost of the company is quite high. It is, however, compensated well by the real experience by the consumers.


Milling starts with the cleaning of rice. This is a multi step process where foreign material like straws, mud balls, threads, stones, paddy and metal particles are removed from the rice. High performance pre-cleaners and classifiers are used to achieve great accuracy in feeding purified rice.


Rice is gently milled in whitening machines in several phases to ensure efficient removal of Bran. Any rough handling during processing can cause the grains to break or develop cracks.


With advanced technology from Buhler in Drum Graders, Plan sifters and Indented Cylinders, working at three different stages, an uniform optimum grain length is achieved. The uniform grain length renders a nice appearance to the finished product and adds to the presentation (before and after cooking).


The final step in rice processing is color sorting. This is aimed at to remove discolored grains from processed rice to give the final product a uniform-color look. AA RRice Mills uses Sortex machine that is the latest version in this highly acclaimed series of color sorters.

Color sorting is an intricate computer-controlled process where CCD technology is used for performing high-resolution-optical inspection of each and every kernel. It removes the high concentration of predominantly chalky and discolored kernels to give final product a uniform appearance.


A A Rice Processing Mills has the most modern electronic bagging scales that ensure high degree of accuracy in weighing. It is therefore that each and every bag packed weighs as per ordered quantity.

A A Rice Processing Mills enforce strict quality control measures throughout all processes and packaging procedures. We process our rice into several milling degrees and provide our customers with a wide variety of packaging options. We made Packing according to Our Customers Requirements and ranging from from 1 - 90 kg in Jute , Cotton, non-woven cotton , Polyethylene poly p & paper bags, which are also available in different ranges from 1kg up to 20 Kg of jute, cotton polythene Bags.


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